Thursday, March 13, 2014

Blending Honeydew with Oreos for Smoothies

Wow. Looks like I have blogged in a looooooooongg time. But now i have something to say.


I love blenders. (I don't love it enough to want to marry it but I like it pretty much.Oh and it makes things look weird).

Why?? Because blenders make:


I love smoothies. (I don't love it enough to want to marry it but I like it pretty much :P )

You know how human beings are creative because we got that from our maker, God. But we can never be more creative than God. Just like my smoothie I just made can't be weirder than me, it's maker.

Honeydew Oreo Smoothie. :) :) :)

ok ok it was pretty funny but it tasted not bad. I would totally do it again.

Smoothies Rock! Especially ones made by me. :P

Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Night of the Non-Sense Sorry Dinner

The dinner with Ace on Monday night was exactly what the title says.
I really wanted to blog about the whole thing, but after thinking it over a few times, it was a non-sense sorry dinner (when cheese sauce turned into scrambled eggs) so I'm 99% sure anybody who wasn't having dinner with us that night will not understand.

Although our dinner only started at ten p.m., I laughed until I had tummy aches... Not that it's unusual that I laugh until I have tummy aches, but what I'm saying is, it was an AWESOME time with Ace!!!

We even thought over our whole night and did a list of what we did. :)

A: Alliteration Aiming
B: Biological Burping
C: Cockroach Chasing
D: Deep Draining
E: Esophagus Exercising (and we're ending here cause it's E-nough)

1. Smashtering Sauce Scrambling
2. Sing Songing
3. Sorry Saying
4. Stop Sensing
5. Shock Sencing
6. Sentence Stammering

(Don't blame yourself if you really don't understand the list, anyway, it WAS the NON-SENSE sorry night... :P)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Baking Craze

Chocolate Cupcakes, Banana Muffins, Chocolate Chip Oat Raisin Cookies, Apple Pie, Cheese Twist..

What else??
We are in a baking craze!!!

Even Ashton...

Friday, March 4, 2011


Noah got two of each kind of animal to go into the ark so they would be safe from the flood...
Some people say that the world was once one huge piece before it broke up into little countries... I think it might been one huge piece because then, how could have Noah get all the animals? Because now, we can only find certain kinds of animals in a certain place...

Is it true?

Anybody can give me a answer?

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Sandcastle Monday

Our usual 'Dad's Monday', this time took us to the beach...

At the beach we decided to build a sandcastle because we had never really built a proper one before...So by dad's commands, we carefully built our best sandcastle ever!

We had two towers,a underpass, and lots of little houses for a wall.

We thought we were finished, but then someoe added two more mini towers.
Actually, we had a lot af finishes, but we were never really finished yet...

The Back

The Front
We had fun, and I hope to make my next sandcastle soon...I already designed it!! :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Nathalynn Means...?

Can anyone guess what Nathalynn means?

Friday, January 21, 2011


You Know You're a Homeschooler When...

  • You forget your booster doses
  • You wake up for supper at 12:30 am and not worry about being late for school
  • You get the entire skating ring to yourself on a school mornings
  • You wake up at 4:30 am to pray and read the bible when you have a nightmare- then sleep in for the rest of the morning
  • You can study on one subject to your hearts content without worrying about the school bell
  • Your intelligence as a student is not graded with points
  • You get off-peak holiday bargains
  • You study at Botanical Gardens ( and get chased by a bunch of monkeys :P )
  • You dance to memorize the times tables
  • You teach your brother math with plastic soldiers on your bed
  • School is in the car when mum has an emergency to attend
  • People forget you study on public holidays
  • The world is your classroom
  • Your friends talk about exams and you go blank
  • You're in prayer meeting when others are in tuition
  • You read Little Women as English literature, when others read textbooks
  • Your two year old brother listens attentively to eight chapters of unabridged Pinocchio
  • You're asked to do things last minute because you're not in 'school'
  • Other kid's paintings are restricted to one art have the whole Church wall
  • Your mum is cooking lunch, feeding your baby brother and teaching three different grades at once
  • You're shopping for Christmas presents when others are only thinking of Christmas presents....

By The 7th and 8th Grade Students of E.N. Academy With Their Teacher